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Glasgow, 1980
Raymond Depardon

Beastie Boys, 1984
Teen Wolf

I recently posted this image of an old Skateboard Sticker from an 80’s Thrasher Magazine which I found in an article on Vice on my inspiration blog - A Whirlpool of Inspiration. So far it has gained over 20,000 notes and pushed the blog to over 300 followers.
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the neverending story, one of the best plots ever!

I was a teenage slime ball (Taken with Instagram)
Drawn and modelled by Stevie Gee. 

Modelled for and drawn by Sleazy Geevis aka Stevie Gee (Taken with Instagram)
one of my favourites!!
the eighties at echo beach

bbc4 san francisco’s year zero:we were here

2011 marks 30 years since AIDS descended. In 1981, the flourishing gay community in San Franscisco was hit with an unimaginable disaster. Through the eyes of those whose lives changed in unimaginable ways, this film tells how their beloved city was changed from a hotbed of sexual freedom and social experimentation into the epicentre of a terrible sexually transmitted ‘gay plague’. From their different vantage points as caregivers, activists, researchers, friends and lovers of the afflicted and as people with AIDS themselves, it shares stories which are intensely personal. Speaking to our capacity as individuals to rise to the occasion, this is the story of the incredible power of a community coming together with love, compassion and determination.