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Issue 15 of @sideburnmag is now on pre-order. I’m on the cover riding the Sideburn collab bike shot by the infamous @samchristmas here’s a shot from the inside… #steviegee #samchristmas #sideburnmag

Can’t forget a night like this.
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Bozhurishte, 1919

Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). After a missed shot at wild game, Kapala, a Hadza teenager, pulls his #arrow out of an acacia tree. I am here in #Tanzania, documenting the small #Hadza community. They are full time #hunter-gatherer - they do not practice agriculture, herd animals or even store any food. When they get up early morning, there is nothing to eat in camp. They just head out in the savannah and feed from nature. It’s a #lifestyle we all had thousands of years ago - you too, reading this! The Hadza have been living in this area for approximately 40.000 years and have left no impact on their environment. This is part 7, the last part of my @natgeo story on the “Evolution of Diet” coming out in September. For the full SERIES, head over to @paleyphoto. #Africa #food #latergram #evolutionofdiet #paleodiet #huntergatherer @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo

Oh holy amazing photo of our tent by @ricocast from @getlostwith trip to #marfa. #sheltercosupply

Phil Jackson

From Tales From The City of Gold
Jason Larkin

Port Au Prince, Haiti
Kalfou, Potoprens, Ayiti

  Lone Horse in Monument Valley | Jeff Clow